JOOMLA BECAUSE OPEN SOURCE MATTERSWe specialize in Joomla!® websites.  We have followed the project from its beginning in 2006, serving for a time as a moderator on the Joomla! help forums.

We consult with website owners at any stage of the process to help optimize their sites and increase their returns on cash and efforts expended. We do as much or as little as the client desires, and invoice accordingly.

This website details much of what we have done in the past, but cannot adequately reflect our vision for the future of Joomla!® websites. Forgive us our narrow minds, we truly believe that the solution to every website problem is Joomla!®. While our brains remind us that this cannot be true, our hearts insist it might be.

Please explore our website. Its purpose is to inspire you to contact us with your questions.

Note: we are not affiliated in any way with Joomla!® or its governing body Open Source Matters, nor are we endorsed by them.

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