What We Do

Harper Vance Web Services supports owners of Joomla Logo Joomla!® web sites.

We build sites, host sites, fix sites, move sites, and produce custom extensions and content for them. We do as much or as little as the client desires, and invoice accordingly. There is never a contract, just a handshake and services performed to the client's satisfaction.

Is Your Joomla!® Website Broken?


Harper Vance Web Services has fixed hundreds of "broken" Joomla!® websites over the years.

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How do you host and manage your Joomla!® website?

Our clients sleep better knowing that we are watching over their sites. We handle all software updates the day of their release, and monitor uptime every 5 minutes.

Hosting and Management of Your Joomla!® Website

How do Prospects find your Joomla!® Website?

Attract your ideal target audience to your website with powerful content, enhanced with all of the latest search engine optimization nuances (SEO.)

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Are you thinking about building a new Joomla!® website?

All site owners have goals and dreams about what their site will do for their business or organization. We make those goals and dreams reality.

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